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Ross began his shaping career growing up on the coast of São Paulo in Guarujá, Brazil.

Home to some of the best surfers in the world.

Ross started shaping with his uncle, Claudio Maran, one of the first and best surfboard shapers in South America.

Back in the glorious 70’s Claudio Maran was a glasser for Johnny Rice a shaper/surfer icon from Santa Cruz, CA and in turn became a mentor for many young Brazilian shapers.
Drawing on his experience and craft in Brazil, Ross began to travel the world collecting global ideas and mentalities.

Throughout  his travels Ross has continued to connect with like minded people, observing and experimenting with different approaches with talented surfers riding his boards.
Much of this feedback, especially long boarders, came from California, Australia and Indonesia.

Today, with gratitude toward his uncles legacy, Ross Concepts are an amazing craft all to themselves.

With his eye for detail and high end quality control the final product is world class.
Based in Bali, Ross has a genuine passion and love that is contagious that comes out in the final product every time.

For  surfers who know what they want and how to ride, Ross will tweak and adjust based on their style of riding until he shapes the perfect  board.

He  also gives attention and guidance to those who need direction. What  will suit each individual, from beginner to world class surfer,  recommending shapes and sizes to help the surfer get what they want. This is why Ross has such a huge following.
Ross has an ultimate goal with every new board he designs, shapes and finishes.

Craft a beautiful, fun, easy to ride board that will take the surfer to a  place they have never been. An experience and feeling only a surfer  knows. … Total euphoria.